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Known Locations 2011

The route/dates/times/exact locations are still being worked out but this will all happen between July 18 & Late August. Please contact us if you are along the route and want us to aim to stop near you - or if you want to organize locally as we come through - that would be great! Lauren (516) 319-4295


Kicking it off at Bastille Days, West Capitol Lawn, July 14-17

1. Cleveland, Ohio

2. Kansas City, Missouri

3. Denver, Colorado

4. Cold Springs, Colorado (August 1, 2011)

5. Yakima, Washington

6. Portland, Oregon

7. Covallis, Oregon

8. Eugene, Oregon
9. Bay Area, California

10. Los Angeles, California

11. Las Vegas, Nevada

12. Phoenix, Arizona

Albuquerque, New Mexico  

14. St. Louis, Missouri

15. Chicago, Illinois

16. Houston, Texas

17. Gainesville, Florida

18. Washington, DC

19. Delaware

20. New Jersey

and then during first holiday break in September:

21. Massachusetts
22. Vermont
23. New Hampshire
24. Maine
25. Toronto

Want more information about a location or help us organize locally? 
E-mail: Action@StopForceNow.org

September 2009

September 4

Brooklyn, NY

Press Conference & Action

Kings County Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room

4-9 PM


September 5, 2009

Philadelphia, PA -

Organizing Meeting

8-Midnight - Coffe House to be determined

(suggestions welcome)


September 6

Philadelphia, PA -

Press Conference & Action

Friends Hospital

10 - 1 PM


September 7

St. Louis, MO 

Press Conference & Action

3-6 PM 

St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

Eastern Hospital Region

5300 Arsenal

St. Louis, MO 63139


September 8 

Santa Fe, NM

Location to be announced 

Time to be announced (somewhere between 6 PM - Midnight)


September 9 - 12

Phoenix, AZ

National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy Conference


September 12

San Diego, CA

Location & Time to be announced


September 15

Chicago, IL

Chicago Read Mental Health Center/State Psychiatric Hospital

4200 N. Oak Park Avenue

Chicago, IL


4-8 PM 



September 17

Kerhonksen, NY 

We encourage anybody interested to participate in one of the events listed above!